Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interview with Lee Oliveira

I have been missing in action for a while. Why you ask? my computer died. D I E D. because my charger has decided to fail on me just like the monitor. But thanks to Mr Fix It my laptop is working perfectly now using a toshiba charger (my laptop is not toshiba so I'm surprised it works) and the monitor is working perfectly- it fixed itself somehow. some technology, electrical miracle I guess? Gotta love it when it happens.

Anyways before my lappy died and ruined my e-life for a week, I shot an email to Lee Oliveira from asking him if I could interview him for my blog as I really enjoyed his website. Surprisingly he mailed me back and said yes- such a nice guy!

1. Please briefly introduce yourself.
I have a street fashion photography blog based in Sydney. I have been blogging for about 7months now and basically go out with my camera on the streets and get shots of people and what they are wearing.

2. Google knows everything. Tell me something about you that even Google don't know.
ummmm.... let me think. I hate to admit it but I still love watching cartoons. I guess it's just the kid in me.

3. When did you first fall in love with fashion?
My mother use to do a lot of sewing when I was a kid. She use to make a lot of our clothes. I remember watching her and thinking how creative she was. I also use to read all her fashion magazines. She use to buy a lot. When I visited my family last year, I found that she still has some of them

4. How would you describe Australian Fashion?
Australia definitely has its own style. While European designers tend to be a bit more tailored, Australian designers are slightly more edgy & casual in their approach which is what I love and suits the climate and the Australian personality. I find Australian and Brazilian fashion (where I'm from) very similar. I love the fact that Australia is so multicultural and this definitely shows in Australian fashion designers collections.

5. What made you decide that you want to be a street style photographer/blogger?
My love of fashion has always been there. A friend has had a photography blog (unrelated to fashion) for a few years and thats how my photography interests started. I always thought how I could collaborate the two together and thats how the blog came to fruition.

6. What do you do outside blogging?
I'm a regional manager of a major Australian men's label

7. Which suburb do you reckon is the best-dressed suburb in Sydney?
That's a hard one. Sydney is so diverse and if you go North, South, East of West it will be totally different. I love the inner west for the more edgy styles. The east always has some great styles and hot spots for me are Bondi, Paddington, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. I am a sucker for a well tailored suit so the CBD always has something to offer.

8. Alright. many melbournians claim that their city is more arty and fashionable compared to Sydney. What is your opinion on this? Which city is more fashionable?
Great, how do I answer this one without offending the other....haha. What I love about both cities is that they are so different when it comes to fashion. Honestly, I love one just as much as the other. Reminds me a bit of Brazil, Sao Paulo = Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro = Sydney. The climates definitely play their part. Melbourne winters give great opportunities the drag out beautifully tailored winter coats. Sydney summers offer a completely different experience and people are more casual. That's not to say that they aren't just as fashionable. Mid summer on Bondi beach is great for fashion spotting.

9. If you had the opportunity to interview or meet anyone in the world who would it be?
Scott Schuman "the Satorialist" I absolutely love his photos. I love his story on how he started and is totally inspiring. Him and Garance Dore' make a great couple.

10. What camera/lens do you use? (If you don't mind sharing ;))
Nikon D2X with mostly 85mm lens. Am planning on upgrading but I'm waiting on Nikon to give me a free camera. Somehow I think saving might be a quicker option.....haha

men should burn their awful shorts and worn-out tees and wear suit all the time.

Well there you go. If you want to check his website, its in the link-bar on the left hand side or here.

By the way- I'm going to MUSE concert this Thursday. I'm so excited! the weekend after that I'll be going to central coast which would be awesome- as long as it doesn't rain. Yes, It's still raining in Sydney. Since last month :(

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Inspiration wednesday

My favourite looks from last week. Tailored shorts, easy summer dresses, maxi skirts, ladylike blouses, pastel colours, and satchel bags. I am in love with that turquoise shorts from the first picture. Does anyone know where they are from?? I also love the last picture- exactly the sorts of clothes I want to wear for work as it is cute and sharp at the same time.

Today have been a good day with the sun finally coming out (and my boss complimenting my outfit from last week and my bright yellow manicure). I want to thank you all for commenting for my last post! All of your very nice comments made my day and keep me going! I was sorta overwhelmed with the amount of response from last post and so so happy when I see the number of followers increase by +5 or more heheh.. I know thats not much but yeah its good to know that people appreciate my blog. I'm also happy because from some of the comments I get to discover some amazing blogs which most of them are now already in my blogroll. so check them out!

Lastly here's my take on street style snaps ;)

Image Hosted by

Muhaha. I feel like a total tourist taking pictures in front of Town Hall. and those are not AH stuff, those are my F21 orders from the group order I was writing about the other day which I am so happy about! all them pretty clothes are now settled in my jampacked wardrobe. Looking forward to wear them soon ;)

Anyways.. should go back to studying. To any of you who are in the middle/gonna have exams soon, Good luck!! I'm gonna have my exam next week on wednesday so I gotta start working my butt off.

To close of lemme give you this shoe porn feast-for-yer-eyes:
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dear BF, I want them for Christmas.

The death of high heels

As seen in Chloe. Ballerina shoes, knee length plaid sheer skirts

It's like giving salt to my wounds.. I got a new job starting next tuesday and I've been so desperate in looking for a decent flat shoes with decent support *and cheap!* just to go to work or for casual stroll to woolies. My only 3 flat shoes are dodgy: one of them is from Rubi Shoes thats only like, cardboard wrapped with plastic. so crap. The other one is vintage wittner that is now pretty much dead. and the last one is my miss shop flats that bites the back of my feet, giving me blisters. I don't get why flat shoes are more expensive than high heels in AUS, even if its on sales.. (except the dodgy ones)

any suggestions? my poor feet need a rest.